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        Lean document management for high-tech product development

        High-tech products have complex development cycles involving multiple design revisions and cross-functional teams. The risk of inefficiencies, wasted engineering effort and product delays can be high.

        Cognidox helps overcome these risks.

        We are a leading provider of document management software for the high-tech, medical device, and life science product sectors. Our solution improves visibility and control for the development process and the entire business. 



        Solutions for every stage of the product development process. Avoid document anarchy and wasted effort.

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        A flexible system with the formal controls for development in the medical device industry.

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        鼻梁发青A lean document management system is the key to sustainable product development success.鼻梁发青

        A lean DMS sets you on the path to centralised control, conformance and governance. With structure and rigour, your product development process is refined, consistent and sustainable.

        Through fine-grained access control and process visibility, Cognidox creates a common language amongst all teams, reducing costs, time to market, and improving collaboration with third parties.


        Document Management System high tech product development


        So you have a brilliant idea for a medical device. Great, but you'll need more than that to get it to market.

        Read our ebook to find out what it takes to deliver a product that satisfies the regulators (as well as the marketplace and your investors). 

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